I love this game!

#1onionrings107Posted 6/23/2007 7:24:19 AM
This game is awesome!
#2StartrekkyPosted 6/23/2007 5:58:06 PM
Agreed, this game rocks!
"Calab, that hamburger was MINE!!!" (Tuxworth) "Its mine now!" (Calab)
#3Scalien26Posted 6/26/2007 9:45:11 AM
This is definitely one of my top 10 favorite games. Let's hope for a VC release, remake, or sequel with the new gen.
#4StartrekkyPosted 6/29/2007 7:54:51 AM
That would be really cool, I would definitely buy it again.
"Calab, that hamburger was MINE!!!" (Tuxworth) "Its mine now!" (Calab)
#5gibmasterPosted 7/4/2007 10:32:14 AM
Yeah, this game is amazing. It's kinda sad that a lot of people don't even remember it...
#6StartrekkyPosted 7/4/2007 7:59:16 PM
^It really is. This game should have gained more attention.
"Calab, that hamburger was MINE!!!" (Tuxworth) "Its mine now!" (Calab)
#7Scalien26Posted 7/14/2007 6:10:47 PM
Nothing was announced. Oh well. We'll just have to keep hoping for something.
#8DarkBelthasarPosted 7/23/2007 7:19:58 PM
It's one of the only games for N64 I consider going back to play again. It's so unique and quirky.
#9Compufreak816Posted 8/9/2007 2:13:57 AM
I remember this game ^^ My favorite animal was the polar bar ;^^ Yay turd mines.
#10StartrekkyPosted 8/9/2007 7:34:57 AM
My favorite animal is the Parrot.
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