Borassic Park - Grabbing the last 3 powercells with that fat bird

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I just spent around a half hour of trying to get the power cells way up high that seem unreachable even with the vulture due to its poor flight height. I just found out how to get them and thought I'd share in case anyone else wanted to know (the faq just said where they are not how to get high enough flight)

This works for the 2 on the cliff by where the vultures were anyways, I need to try the last one still.

Basically I dragged the kangaroo's corpse up to the vulture platform and positioned it on the edge. I stood on top it and jumped from there to begin my flight. That little boost of height from the corpse did the trick to get the cells.
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Here's another Desert Tip, this time for Shifting Sands.

Having trouble killing the Vulture with the Pogo Kangaroo? Yeah me too, I just suck with the kangaroo and can't bounce or use the boomerang well at all. So use the fox to kill it.

First get the fox up to the kangaroos either via the TV shortcut or normally doesn't matter. Now switch to the kangaroo and instead of going after the vulture go in the tent to shift the sands so that there is the depression with the 4 small pillars. Why? It causes the vulture to "freeze" up for some reason. It will stay in one spot and hover up and down.

Now bounce back up to where you left the fox and you can climb up and go through the hole to the vulture area. If you can position yourself well enough you should be able to jump and hit it with your tail (careful not to fall off). If its too high, sometimes you may be able to jump on it and push it down (doesn't hurt it though, its not the damaging kind of jump). One time I was not able to reach it so I tried attacking it and fell off, and to my surprise it chased me off and went down to the sands where I was able to easily beat it up. So is you position yourself under it and harass it and lure it you may eventually be able to get it off of its platform without the kangaroo.