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Are there any Gameshark codes to put more Live Flayers in the game? (Archived)
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My characters aren't using Killer Moves on Iseria Queen/Indalecio Limiter Off (Archived)ih8applecorn46/19/2013
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Endgame Shenanigans (Archived)LaSaiaV226/15/2013
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Basic tips for a straightforward playthrough? (Archived)
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What is the best way to counter the stars that the two secret bosses use? (Archived)f3874829347832454/28/2013
where can i listen to Indalacio's voice clips? (Archived)f3874829347832424/28/2013
Ummm....Foehn? (Archived)2pac_Alypse_Now24/28/2013
any reason for party restrictions? (Archived)grandcalabash24/25/2013
is it safe/stable to patch/shark an impossible party? (Archived)grandcalabash44/23/2013
Can't beat Indalecio and.... (Archived)
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Do the Fairy's Cologne/Music Box items work properly? (Archived)CloudSith506054/10/2013
lets see if we can get VeghEsther to do a bloody armor free playthrough (Archived)
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When does Star Ocean Ex take place? (Archived)crazyisgood83/28/2013
Claude's Japanese voice is pretty interesting... (Archived)Peter_1973/22/2013
the meaning of life (Archived)StarCroftAOD83/19/2013
so..who to recruit.. (Archived)
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anyone test word of death at max proficiency? (Archived)grandcalabash33/16/2013