Psi storm is overpowered.

#1Vanity_InsanityPosted 1/27/2012 6:54:15 PM
Lurkers? Mutalisks? No problem for Psi Storm! Drop one and they're done!

At any rate, I figured I'd just make a farewell topic to the Starcraft 64 board. After a decade of visiting the board, I will be taking it off my favorites list for those few occasions I even log in to GameFAQs these days. Half a year with no new posts... *sniffle*

This place was my home within GameFAQs--where it all began. Not that "it" turned out to be anything special, I suppose, but I've been here a long time at any rate. =)

I honestly didn't know there were places where dial-up is the only option. It's like when you see footage of how horrific wars are and stuff. ~danger_moose
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