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GS'ing the time for Clive's Quest

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8 years ago#1
I'm a huge completionist, and because of all the things to do in this game, the only thing I can't do in the same playthrough is Clive's timed subquest. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using the gameshark to freeze the game time or restart it to 00:00:00 and to see if it works.
8 years ago#2
It's very easy to reset the clock to 00:00 with the Gameshark. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
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8 years ago#3
I have used the code that turns the time off for that same reason. It does work, but it also makes the rare finds & trading not possible, so you'll have to turn the code on & off at times to be able to use either of those features.
8 years ago#4
Will the code affect cooking competitions as well? I'm not sure if they're time-based or not...
8 years ago#5
just reset the time occasionally. you don't need to keep it on every single time you play a few hours. this will let you have a normal gameplay experience while keeping the time low.

however, i did make a mistake myself one time where i hadn't reset the time in ages and i went to Sajah without Clive by accident. later when i reset time and brought Clive, i had already lost the chance to complete his quest. - Your Source for Suikoden
8 years ago#6
make sure your time is below the deadline when you are entering the town for the next Clive/Elza scene. - Your Source for Suikoden
8 years ago#7
Yeah, I got all the events without resetting the time once, and that killed the experience. 20 hours is just not enough... You shouldn't have to worry about the total time in RPGs. That makes you rush through it without paying much attention to the great storyline. This is the one thing this game has going against it.

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8 years ago#8
Well I have a codebreaker and I always use a Time is always 0:00 code it really doesn't seem to mess anything up for me and it always gets Clive sidequest done, I have completed the quest once with out the codes but I prefer to use the codes.
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8 years ago#9
problem with keeping the time frozen is that rare finds and other randomizations (trading posts, maybe profits from restaurant....) don't rotate, making a lot of things much less interesting. also you don't get kindness points for your characters, which might not be a bad thing if you like using the kindness rune trick. - Your Source for Suikoden
8 years ago#10
Did anyone know the gameshark code for freezing the time or restarting the time from 00.00.00??I'm currently playing the english version of the game..Thanks for replying!!
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