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8 years ago#1
For me, the cheat that is posted on gamefaqs that says, "Maximum Potch," is not working. Is there any reason why this is so or does the trick not work?

thank you in advance for responding.
8 years ago#2
you're doing it incorrectly. this happens to most people who first try it. - Your Source for Suikoden
8 years ago#3
How am i supposed to do it?

thank you
8 years ago#4
the instructions are there, of course.
try the description at suikosource (

Steal From Hans
Step 1. Have enough money to buy one piece of armor but not 2 of that armor. Go to Hans (your castle's armor shop) with 1 character wearing this piece of armor, and 1 character with no armor.

Step 2. Buy the armor. Select the character wearing the armor. When given a choice to put your current armor in the bag or exhange for potch, choose either one. At the confirmation screen, hit cancel twice. You will still be in the buy mode, ready to select who to buy it for.

Step 3. Now select the character who has no armor. Select "yes' at the confirmation screen. Now, select that character again, and choose "Put armor in bag." Now cancel out of all the menus. You should have 999999 potch. - Your Source for Suikoden
8 years ago#5
thank you! it worked!
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