Rose Brooch (possible spoilers)

#1jubeioPosted 7/24/2010 10:56:40 PM

ok I need to get the rose brooch to recruit the guy in radat, ive checked the guides and they say check the rare finds in banner village, but i went to banner village and there are no rare finds and i never bnought it, where can i find one?

#2RuneOfPureFailzPosted 7/24/2010 11:39:49 PM
Go to Banner Village every 30 minutes, there will be new Rare Finds.

Alternatively, you can wait for 30 minutes, save BEFORE going to check Banner Village, and then check the Rare Finds for Banner Village. Here's the important bit about the trick. If you don't see it the first time, then you reset the game, and load from your last save. Go check Banner Village again and if it's still not there, repeat until it does. You can also do this for every other Rare Find in this game.

If you want to know the cause of this, it's because Rare Finds are removed every 30 minutes. After that, when you check the shop, the Rare Finds are then randomly generated.

I forgot the source, but it's definitely NOT discovered by me. I take no credit for this answer.
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#3jubeio(Topic Creator)Posted 7/25/2010 12:22:36 PM
thanks RuneOfPureFailz

is this the same for trade posts?
#4JigglypuffPosted 7/25/2010 3:34:35 PM
As a warning - if you're using a gameshark to set the time to always 00:00, you will never get suggestions, cooking contests, rare finds or trading post refreshes.
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#5jubeio(Topic Creator)Posted 7/26/2010 11:33:41 AM
i would never use gameshark

especially for the clock

no point in cheating in a fairly easy fantasstic game :D
#6SIMStevenPosted 7/26/2010 6:22:37 PM
Only reason I'd use a cheat device is to have all the party members that you can't get via making a choice.
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#7jubeio(Topic Creator)Posted 7/27/2010 1:13:32 PM
you mean like valeria

and the animals?
#8Final LegionPosted 7/27/2010 3:14:20 PM
you mean like valeria

and the animals?

Yes. If you want to have Valeria AND Kasumi and recruit all the 'monsters', you have to use a cheat device to do so.
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#9jubeio(Topic Creator)Posted 7/28/2010 10:36:47 AM
would be nice to have kasumi and valeria, but then could you recruit the ninjas with kasumi?
#10SIMStevenPosted 7/28/2010 5:22:35 PM
I'm not sure.

The one time I did it was at the end of the game when I had recruited everyone I could normally, and I sharked to get the rest. I think I used some sort of code that brought everyone in.

It was when I was making my database FAQ as well.
Forums are meant for discussion and communication. Did you forget?
Start using your brain when you post. This is not a chat room.