Image of the entire Suikoden 2 world map

#1scummklaPosted 12/1/2010 5:51:36 AM
Anyone know of any in circulation? I don't mean those ones on google images, how it's a very vague atlas-esque type map of the whole suikoden world- I want just the suikoden 2 map.

More precisely, I want the map, exactly how the world map looks in game. I guess the only way to actually get this would be to printscreen every section of the map and then edit them together. Does this exist?

#2JigglypuffPosted 12/1/2010 8:12:09 AM
I believe if you go talk to Templeton in-game he'll put one up for you.
#3scummkla(Topic Creator)Posted 12/1/2010 10:59:48 AM
Nah, not like that. I've got a copy of that myself on my computer.

I was looking for something like this:

But more well-done, and higher res :/

thanks anyway thoguh
#4garanPosted 12/1/2010 2:52:03 PM
That's the best one I have seen.