** The REAL Missable Characters List **

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Brief Introduction

I'm posting this because none of the other guides linked from these forums and/or found via Google accurately lists all of the actual missable characters in Suikoden II. I'm on my fourth playthrough (the last one was about 2 years ago; I got all 108 for the first time then), and just wasted several hours after realizing that I'd missed a character not mentioned in any of the missable guides.

Some of the guides are in fact very good overall. The problem is, the comprehensive ones tend to give you WAY too much information! As in, you have to read through paragraphs or even pages worth of worthless storyline narrative just to find what you're looking for. One guide, for example, has a "missable characters" section, but it lists a whole bunch of characters that are "hard to find" but not actually missable while omitting one or two that actually are missable. The other guides tend to be the opposite extreme: Brief blurbs, often in barely understandable English, filled with gaps and confusing factual errors that lead to dead-ends.

If you've hit this post from a search engine, chances are you're just starting or early into your game and have a very basic, simple question: Which characters can be missed if I don't recruit them by a certain time in the game and what is that cutoff time for each? I'm going to answer that for you right now.

** SPOILERS!! **

Missable Characters

The following list only contains characters that can actually be missed if you wait too long, forcing you to either reset to an earlier save or not recruit the character. Characters that are "hard to find" but not missable are not included here. Also, characters who you can "miss" if you select a stupid answer like, "I don't want to recruit you, go away," instead of, "Please join us!" are not included, either. If you're that dumb, no guide will be able to help you.

Easy to Miss

These are characters that you really have to watch out for:


This guy is easy to miss because, in order to get him, you have to trigger a cutscene in a secluded alley in Muse early in the game while you're there with Jowy and Nanami. To recruit Clive:

After the Sindar quest at the White Deer Inn, you'll visit Muse. While you're there, go to the eastern-most part of the city and head north through an alley. Near the end of the alley, you'll run into a woman named Elza.Accept the package then continue travelling north through the alley.Clive will approach you and ask if you saw Elza. Your answer does not matter.Try to leave Muse through the south exit. Elza will stop you and take back the package. Clive will see her and the two will have some dialogue. After she uses you as a human shield, she'll run out of the city and Clive will give chase.You're done for now. Come back to this after you've visited Lakewest for the first time (much later in the game).Go to South Window. Near the entrance to the city, you'll find Clive hiding in the shadows. Assuming you followed steps 1-5, just talk to Clive and you'll be able to recruit him.


In the early game, while you're in Muse with Nanami and Jowy, you will have a map battle where your objective is to delay the advance of Highland forces. During this battle, Gilbert will appear between your forces and Highland's. There will be some dialogue between Flik and Viktor about him. Here's what you need to do:

You MUST damage his unit! By "damage," I mean it needs to have one of those little "damaged" swords stuck on it. This will cause him to have a little dialogue with Flik and Viktor, who convince him to join you.After he switched to your side, make sure he doesn't die! He will be damaged and the enemy will hit him hard, so there may be nothing you can do. If his unit is destroyed, pay close attention to his dialogue. If he says he's "falling back", then he didn't die and you're safe. Otherwise, you'll need to reset your game and start the battle over.

Futch and Humphrey

These are probably the most common ones you'll see getting missed. They're in the Highway Village in the Matilda domain. This domain is "closed" until a certain point in the game (unless you use the Matilda glitch; Google it for more info). Then once you finish the quest that sent you there, it's inaccessible for the rest of the game without much warning.

To recruit these less-than charismatic characters from S1, you'll need to complete a subquest while you're in Matilda. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL LATER!! As soon as you encounter Futch and Humphrey, your best bet is to drop whatever you were doing and follow their quest to completion. If your level is too low, just fight map monsters in the area and that'll be more than enough, especially if you also have a powerful character like Shiro with you.

Between the Muse/Matilda checkpoint and Rockaxe is a town called Highway Village. Just follow the path from the checkpoint and it'll take you right there. Once there, enter the inn for a series of scenes.After the scene plays out, you'll want to talk to Humphrey several times. Whenever you're given choices, just select the ". . . . . . . ." one every time.Once you're done with all the dialogue scenes, the three of you will go to Mt. Tigerwolf (it's at the northern tip of the Matilda domain; easy to find) to save some idiot kid who wanted to play with a dragon.Fight a bunch of monsters. The final boss will be a harpy. It looks tough, but you'll soon notice that, while all of your other characters are struggling to stay alive, Humphrey's taking virtually no damage due to his awesome-high defense attributes. Kill the giant bird and you're done. Futch and Humphrey will join automatically.


This is the one that all the other guides seem to have completely missed. Given that your castle has to be at level 4 AND you have to have a weapon sharpened to level 14, you can only get this guy really late in the game. However, and this is something the other guides fail to mention, the city you need to recruit him in (Coronet) is inaccessible after the liberation of Greenhill (it's blocked off by Highland soldiers after you return to headquarters and talk to Shu). At this point, you will be unable to recruit him before Nanami "dies."

Fortunately, contrary to some reports, the level 14 weapon does NOT have to be the hero's. Any character will do, so long as s/he is in your party. This is important because you can recruit Pesmerga earlier and not have to worry about the tiny window needed to sharpen your weapons (Pesmerga already has a sufficiently sharpened weapon upon joining).

Here's what you need to do:

After you defeat Neclord in Tinto, go on a recruiting spree. Read through your favorite recruitment guide until your castle reaches level 4.Warp to the Cave of the Wind and go through all the way to the end where you met the Star Dragon Sword. Pesmerga will be there instead. Assuming your castle is at level 4, Pesmerga will join you.Warp to Coronet with Pesmerga in your party and talk to Genshu. He will join you.

Technically Missable

I couldn't decide whether or not Jess was worth mentioning, so I created a special pseudo-section just for him.


The only reason I'm listing Jess is because a lot of people actually select the wrong answer when talking to him. In most cases, it's perfectly clear which option means "join me" and which one means "go away."

Apparently, a lot of people are pissed off at Jess and having trouble letting go of their anger when the time comes. So here's how you can avoid "missing" him:

After you defeat Neclord and Jess acknowledges he was wrong, don't be a dick about it.That's it. I don't remember what the exact response is as I've never actually missed Jess, but pick whichever one comes closest to "Apology accepted" / "It's not your fault" / "You're a great guy" / etc and you'll be fine.


That's it! You're done. If you discover any scenarios where a character can be missed that I, uhh, missed, please feel free to post a correction here! Hopefully this post will help save time for frustrated players sifting through Google results. =)


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Jess is missible if you don't forgive him.
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Genshu is missable? CCajes' FAQ only tells you to recruit him after liberating Greenhill. In fact, I remember recruiting him as one of the last few. Upon some research, you have to recruit Jude to get the Silver Hammer, presumably the last few levels bar the final one, which can only be found AFTER you liberate Greenhill.

I'll give you that most of the FAQs do not mention missables, but you'd be much better off listing the missable characters rather than trying to make a FAQ of your own. What I'm driving at is that you should e-mail the FAQ creators to list missables, rather than trying to make a missable FAQ on the board which most of these new players are unlikely to read.
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You can still enter the dock area of Coronet and recruit Genshu, regardless of whether or not Highland are there.
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Jess is not missable. You can choose not to recruit him, yes, but you cannot miss him.
Genshu isn't either. Take your boat to Coronet and you can walk right to him.
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However, and this is something the other guides fail to mention, the city you need to recruit him in (Coronet) is inaccessible after the liberation of Greenhill (it's blocked off by Highland soldiers after you return to headquarters and talk to Shu). At this point, you will be unable to recruit him before Nanami "dies."

This is false. As said, you can reach him by using your boat to get to the Coronet docks.

Are we going to get a "REALLY REAL Miss-able Characters List" soon?
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Are we going to get a "REALLY REAL Miss-able Characters List" soon?

I was working on it, then I got distracted and had to start housin:

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Is Maximilian missable? or does he just require a certain castle level? ...because he doesn't seem to want to show up on my Clive-speedrun save (just liberated Muse, but before Rockaxe). I've barely recruited anybody on this save, except a few of the earlier stars, and the ones who are perma-missable (Humphrey, Futch, etc.)
Killey doesn't show up in South Window either, although I'd imagine that's just because I'm yet to get Alex and Hilda.
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Georg won't join me either, for some reason. He shows up, but it doesn't give me the option to ask him.
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Suikosource lists Castle level 3 as a requirement for both Maximillian and Georg
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