Multiple recipes showing up in rare find?

#1kongsifuPosted 2/25/2012 5:11:28 PM
I bought recipe #25 the first time you go to Greenhill and gave it to Hai Yo. I just liberated Greenhill and the recipe is again in the rare finds, although I haven't bought this one because I don't know if this is a weird glitch and might possibly mess up anything. I always thought there was only one for every recipe/sound set/window set/etc. I went and checked with Hai Yo right after I saw the recipe in the shop and he has it already so I know for sure I already bought this one.
#2SIMStevenPosted 2/25/2012 6:00:18 PM
It's harmless when it comes to being in the Rare Finds window.

It's even mentioned here:
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