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need a mario buff (Archived)USERGameBoyBlue26/27/2013
So I recently started playing this game on my wii u after a long break from it (Archived)bubbub0196/22/2013
A theory on the Bowser levels. (Archived)HeaderHog36/22/2013
Moneybags Glitch (Snowman Land) (Archived)Guergy16/21/2013
How does one do this? (Archived)suttiwit16/17/2013
Lethal Lava Land 100 coins (Archived)Guergy36/14/2013
Beating the game with 0 stars, non-TAS. Is this legit? (Archived)dwightschrute26/14/2013
Mario Sunshine>Mario 64 (Archived)
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Can't BLj in super mario 64 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
just got all 120 stars for the first time (Archived)zeroexev3086/3/2013
Guy makes co-op version of SM64 (Archived)deadpigs10115/30/2013
Just got this game from Wii Shop Channel, but having problems (Archived)Foolish_Banana245/25/2013
What's your fastest time in Footrace with Koopa Troopa? the 1st one (Archived)GoldenSWarriors35/24/2013
Defeating the Final Boss or I really do suck at this game (Archived)Guergy35/19/2013
Mario Wings To The Sky cannonless? (Archived)skater4375/18/2013
So after playing this game for literally my entire life, I just realized... (Archived)BobbyPwNz052135/9/2013
When Mario throws Bowser.... (Archived)
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ending makes me cry every time (Archived)gbpxl144/27/2013
6 scuttlebugs in hazy maze cave? (Archived)gbpxl124/25/2013
What size TV are you playing this on now? (Archived)protools198334/24/2013
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