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Can you ultra rank every partner?CptChaos749/25 5:02PM
if you need to press left repeatedlychelth99/25 8:30AM
Back in the day, did people refer to Paper Mario as 'Super Mario RPG 2'?slk_2369/18 7:43PM
How is the Virtual Console version of Paper Mario?Grizzmeister69/18 7:31PM
The 30 BP cap is THE ONE FLAW this game has, in my eyes. (Archived)MDS2005108/22 8:19PM
I'm amazed by how comprehensive the soundtrack is. (Archived)3_1_1_FTW57/12 11:08PM
Anybody ever use any of the unused badges? (Archived)Vegeta100047/6 12:17PM
Paper Mario Hardcore Video - Playthough (Archived)pavilion509726/28 8:44PM
we need a new paper mario for wii u already! (Archived)king_austin9536/27 12:14AM
Wii U; action command completely not working (Archived)BillFREAKYCosby46/20 11:33PM
S. Jump Charge resetting? (Archived)Demolatorz16/13 1:55PM
Crash debugger keeps popping up on the title screen (Archived)HydroStorm16/10 3:10PM
is there any difference for the EU Wii U version? (Archived)thetruesora15/31 3:09PM
I finally bought this game! (Archived)castrejon0435/28 6:45PM
You can't easily button spam in the Wii U version (Archived)Nuahsy35/28 2:27PM
Wii U VC version - worth the upgrade? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
evilotto125/26 5:31PM
They changed the Toad House slogan in the Wii U port. (Archived)zztman535/22 2:28AM
game looks dark (Archived)Smashcrash8875/22 2:22AM
How accurate is the Wii U version? (Archived)Xaragon64DS55/12 3:35PM
"Whacka's Bump" Run Idea (Archived)TorQ15/6 10:24PM
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