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8 years ago#1
Any reliable way to kill them every time? Time stop doesn't work, paralize doesn't work. The only way I can think to beat one is it have Mario with 2x Power Plus badges, land a spin jump for the first strike and them have mario attack (with action command) and then use a special move from a party member...

Whats the best way to defeat these guys?
8 years ago#2
Multibonk with Goombario til they die? XD it's a lot to do with luck.
8 years ago#3
Here's the trick:

1. Have an Ultra-Ranked Bombette. Use her to blow up near the Dazee for big damage to start off the battle.
2. In the battle, use her Bomb ability for more damage.
3. Finish off with Mario's Multibounce to end the battle and get your Star Points!
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8 years ago#4
^Power Bounce, you mean? Multibounce wouldn't work very well...

You could also always equip the Spin Attack badge and spin into it. You'd have at least two turns to wipe it out.
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8 years ago#5
Yeah, the Dizzy Attack badge is by-far the best way of doing it -- I can't image why people would do it any other way.

With Mario's Ultra Hammer and an ultra-ranked Watt, you can easily do the required 20 damage in 2 rounds without needing FP, star power, or special badge setups.
8 years ago#6
Yeah, the Dizzy Attack badge is by-far the best way of doing it

This. You're guarentee at least two turns to kill it. Which should be enough.
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8 years ago#7
Yes, Power Bounce. >.< I never use Goombario, I figured it was something like that.
8 years ago#8
*enter with Dizzy Attack and Ultra Ranked partner*
Then use your strongest attacks.
8 years ago#9

8 years ago#10
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