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If Superman 64 became a series, how would the story go?LordRattergun97/24 8:54AM
In all honesty, why do you like this game?
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Rutile_Starite1707/24 5:54AM
Good news!
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Davidgrayman407/24 5:50AM
This is the weirdest fanbase I've seen....
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Ryan-06167/16 11:04PM
I really want to know: what is it about this game?
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pacman3621497/9 6:17PM
Who do you main in Multiplayer? (Poll)
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IllegalSplicer146/22 3:28PM
One way this came could move even farther above perfection (Archived)ViewtifulGene45/18 10:21AM
72 Hour DC Comic Marathon for Charity (Archived)cornshaq64/21 3:02AM
Favorite Easter Eggs (Archived)IllegalSplicer34/16 10:15PM
So did Protonjon die or what (Archived)DevsBro44/7 7:57PM
Finally (Archived)silver05482/7 3:33PM
C/D Superman 64 is better than Fallout 3! (Poll)
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BushidoEffect3171/24 2:10PM
Our Bawlin King or the one called Cory? (Poll)ThatPersonGuy71/24 2:08PM
Crisis on Infinite Earths (Archived)Garioshi31/2 3:52PM
Why does this game have such low reviews? (Archived)GrayZStarr712/13 8:57PM
I have just acquired a copy of Superman 64 (Archived)Davidgrayman812/13 8:55PM
LordRattergun's idea for a theoretical Superman 64 sequel. (Archived)LordRattergun612/11 12:53PM
So, do you guys think this will be ported to the PS4 or XBone? (Archived)MrMojoRisin357712/8 2:36PM
What's your opinion on the Justice League movies? (Archived)Garioshi212/6 10:07PM
So, how active is this troll-filled pit of despair? (Archived)
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Rutile_Starite1711/30 7:55PM