One thing bugs me.

#1DPV111Posted 10/20/2008 6:06:23 PM
Just got around to playing this a few days ago. I'm at the part I describe below.
So far I am very impressed despite the dated graphics (spoiled by playing Dreamfall first) I am loving it.

The first time April speaks to Warren, she mentions the name of the leader of the Vanguard, Jacob McAllen.
No matter how hard I look I cannot find any other mention of that name before this point.
How did she know his name?
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#2GyRo567Posted 10/20/2008 7:08:09 PM
Either Cortez or Father Raul would have told her. If it's not in either of those, then the slight pretext line must have been cut or been in a conversation branch you avoided with Cortez.
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#3DPV111(Topic Creator)Posted 10/21/2008 1:14:43 AM
That is exactly what I was thinking at first, but then when I am searching the police archives I came across his name there and April spoke as if it was a new discovery.
Seems like the dialogue at that point accidentally gets ahead of the plot... oopsie.
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#4AbnaxusPosted 11/4/2008 2:39:43 PM

You are write. I play this part again and I realize that Jacob McAllen was not mention before.