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7 years ago#1

Well Im playing the 2nd Longest Journey but before I play any further I would like to play this one. Only problem is I am not much ofa fan of the older graphics so I was wondering if there was any Mods like the one for Fallout 2 that lets you up the resolution?

7 years ago#2

No, there is no resolution mod for this game...

the last 2 days i searched everywhere in net, but no luck...

even AA does not work with this game... (Nvidia Card - Mine: Geforce 7400 Go)

so start playing in 640*480 -- NO AA...

but story is really good...

7 years ago#3
Yeah I heard the story was pretty awesome, I just cant stand the blockiness.. oh! the horror! the horror! lol, I must say though the 2nd one is a fantastic game with a great story. I almost want to take a break from it so I dont finish it too fast.
7 years ago#4
Actually, there was a patch for... I think it was the 4CD version, that added AA for either Nvidia cards or ATI cards, but not both. It was 3rd party, but I'm sure if you ask on the official forum, someone will remember where to find it.
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7 years ago#5
i have 2CD version.... that patch is for ATI card.... (No patch for Nvidia as far as i know)
you can turn on AA in control panel (for nvidia card) ... but some objects in game disappears.....
i even try several drivers ... but none of them work.... the problem is game itself
7 years ago#6
Wouldnt worry about it too much. The backgrounds are pre-rendered hand-drawn and withstood the test of time. the characters on the other hand do look very dated, but due to the excellent voice-acting, they have more life to them than characters in most newer games. Just start playing and in just a few hours you'll be used to it.

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