Ugh, you know what guys, what the heck.

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5 years ago#1
Alright so I'm playing Thief Gold again. I've played it before, but I never did beat it. I got far though, real far. Up to the very end of the 2nd cathedral visit, I beat that level, then I stopped for some reason I can't remember.

I am making this topic as a confession. I skipped the lost temple level because I remembered it very well from my first playthrough and I honestly could not be bothered.

But then I got to haunted cathedral pt 2. This level is just so freaking stressful, zombies everywhere, and they open doors too. What the heck is a zombie doing opening a door anyway? They're too stupid to use door knobs and it shouldn't happen! I can understand hammer haunts, but every freaking door has a zombie in front of it. And so I decided to make a dash for it. I ran all over the level, evaded zombies, ghosts, and haunts. That eye was floating there in midair, outside of my reach, and the cathedral is surrounded. Even running around knowing I would quickload afterwards was just too much. I skipped that level. I skipped the crap out of it, I've never seen anything so skipped in my life. I mash alt ctrl shift end fifteen times, and I cursed.

There, I said it. I skipped it. I know people are going to be like "what the heck, play the game you idiot, why did you get it then" but I don't care. I don't want to play that level. It bothers me, and I want to have fun. I want to rob rich nobs, not mess around with the freaking undead man.

That is all, sorry for ranting so bad but I feel like a broken man right now.
5 years ago#2
Welcome to our sparely populated board!

I understand your feelings about the zombies. To this day, they are the only zombies that ever scared me. No matter how realistic they look in games now, they just aren't as terrifying as they were in Thief/Gold.

If you love Thief and hate zombies, give Thief II a try.
5 years ago#3
I'm playing thief II right now actually, just got to the level where you break into truart's mansion for blackmail purposes. Awesome game, right up there with the first one and just continues to improve upon it. The bank level was tough on expert, but that's because I didn't buy any items, but so far it doesn't have any levels that make me think "gosh, I'm going to have a hard time playing this again" like thief gold did with those temple levels. That one level where you had to get the horn from that zombie infested cave... it was hell. I was miserable playing that and even after I beat it I looked back at it and sad "glad that's over, I need a break!".

But yeah, great games. I really hope they make Thief 4 in the same vein as these games, but perhaps that's asking too much. I get the feeling it might try and be something totally epic, when really thief games were never all that epic. At the end, Garret is a selfish man who knows his limits, and that's why we like him. He's a normal, flawed, human being.
5 years ago#4
I'll be happy if Thief 4 fixes the things about Thief 3 that made me angry.
5 years ago#5
What made you angry about thief 3?

Tbh I did not think it was nearly as good as the first two. One thing I did not like about it was the open world aspect, I really just prefer to go from level to level.

Also the engine it used was pretty funny, like the rag dolls were all weird and stuff, and it often felt like their parts were just sort of stuck on there. Like the women would have hair, but it just sort of looked like that hair was attached to their head using a pin or something. The eyes were weird too.

I liked things about it too, so it's not all bad. I liked how we found out more about the keepers, loved visiting their places and also the hammers. Not a big fan of the pagan levels. Story overall was appealing to me.

I played it a while back though, so I can't remember much. I mainly remember one thing about that game, and I'm sure it's what most people remember. The Shalebridge Cradle.
5 years ago#6
I was angry that it didn't live up to the previous two games. It was heavily gimped because they made it with the first Xbox in mind. Level design, gameplay, and character speech just wasn't as good.
5 years ago#7
I hope to see undead missions in the next Thief. The change of pace is nice. I always found those missions to be suspenseful and thrilling. Few game can affect me like that, so I see it as a plus.
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