Playing this for the first time ever.

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5 years ago#1
I actually got this and Skyrim the same day, but I've played this more for some reason.

I just finished the Thieves Guild level with the casino and sewers. Says it took me an hour and a half, but with reloads it was more like 3 hours I think. It was easily one of the longest levels I have ever played.

Oh, and the level before that one, the Bonehoard level, it was pretty easy imo. I literally ran through to the end without stopping. Well, I had to save and reload until I found my way to the Horn, but yeah I didn't fight anything nor was I particularly stealthy.

Now I'm in a funhouse like mansion that belongs to some rich guy named Constantine and I have to say, this is one weird ass game.

I had always wanted to play the Thief series, and finally got around to it deciding to start from the beginning. It's pretty damn weird though, somewhat of a surprise. I expected more mansion and less zombie.

It doesn't particularly bother me, it's just very different. I actually think the zombies are kind of cute and funny, so they aren't much of a problem. Overall though, I do actually enjoy the game.

Just felt like memorializing my first impressions of this game, even if the board is basically dead.
The brain named itself.
5 years ago#2
So, I'm at the Mage Towers now. The previous level, the whole Cathedral City and stuff wasn't too bad. Except finding the Keeper's hidden little temple was too much for me, I had to find a walkthrough for it on Youtube. I don't even feel ashamed about that though.

One of my tactics is to start a level, and of course save. But then I will make a commando run throughout the level to get somewhat of an idea on its layout. It seems to work surprisingly well honestly. Sometimes it works so well I just wing it and actually finish the level that way.

But yeah, the Mage Towers are pretty easy so far. The guards must be wearing earplugs in there.
The brain named itself.
5 years ago#3
The Mage Towers was an amazing level, and the Lost City was neat. I loved the Opera level as well.

I had to skip the Undercover level. It kept glitching on me and the Hammerites would attack me randomly even if I was just standing there.

Whatever, I managed to explore around and flip most of the switches. I refused to leave the level unexplored.

I placed the 4 stones at the Cathedral entrance and quit for the day. I entered and heard some unGodly ambiance.

This level, and Shalebridge Cradle, are the two most infamous Thief levels I've heard of, so I'm expecting some serious **** to go down next time I play.
The brain named itself.
5 years ago#4
Just finished the return to the Haunted Cathedral level. It was definitely one of the best levels so far. I think it was put in there to make you into more of an assassin though, killing those Hammer Haunts.
The brain named itself.
5 years ago#5
Well, I escaped, did the Hammer Temple underground, and then finished the final level. The game just got weirder as it went along, but the final level was totally the pinnacle of weirdness. I loved it.

Anyway, I finished Thief and my little memoir of a topic is done.

Time for the sequel!
The brain named itself.
5 years ago#6
I hope you enjoy the sequel. It is "more mansion and less zombie" than the first game.
5 years ago#7
The thing about Undercover is the guards will notice missing loot. You always get blamed even if they didn't see you. Plus they'll go after you if you enter a restricted area (areas with a red hammer painted outside the door)

The second game is awesome as well, though I think I like this one slightly more.

If you have any questions or get stuck somewhere, feel free to ask
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