Patch 1.19 released, fixes various bugs and adds new features

#1Kerr AvonPosted 9/27/2012 6:07:23 AM
A new patch has been released, and is confirmed to be working, that, amongst other things, allows Thief Gold to:

+ Install much easier and play without problems (no speed up/slow downs, no problems playing the FMVs, etc),
+ Use widescreen and/or higher resolution modes,
+ Scales the HUD properly on widescreen mode,
+ Can now use the mouse wheel up and down, and define them in the game's menu,
+ Can switch from map screen to game screen and vice versa without changing resolution,
+ Makes using ladders easier,

plus fixes various in-game bugs.

The patch is available from:

but make sure you read the whole topic (the thread), as the patch is actually for Thief 2, but with some very minor effort can be made to work with Thief Gold.
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#2Captain45452Posted 10/5/2012 2:54:22 PM
It is awesome that fans are still working on patches for this.
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