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Removed the cobwebs from this game. (Archived)Incertarum17/2 3:08AM
Is there any way to play this with the analog stick? (Archived)D2TW23/5 9:18AM
Apparently, Atlanteans are immune to lava ... (spoilers) (Archived)DSkillz59/2/2014
Oh sweet, sweet memories. (Archived)markedman5431/21/2014
The Cistern (Archived)Foolish_Banana217/29/2013
never played Tomb Raider, going to start with this one... (Archived)IndegoRune55/28/2013
downloadable psn classics (Archived)shdwknx25/13/2013
My kingdom for f****** Quick Save (Archived)pure mind games54/13/2013
PSX or PC versions? (Archived)SpiralDrift33/20/2013
The new TR (Archived)
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Is there a way to get through Thor's room without losing all that health? (Archived)pure mind games43/19/2013
I'm in a Tomb Raidery mood (Archived)pure mind games43/17/2013
For people who download these games from the PS Store... (Archived)crawf_FWC59/3/2012
The grid system is superior and fits the series (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Cold NRG118/25/2012
Sony is trying to take credit for the first lady of gaming. (Archived)STN7936/28/2012
I'm a bit ashamed that I've never played this til now (Archived)
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About the series... (Archived)
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Ugly - Turd Raider. (Archived)
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So are the controls supposed to be like this? (Archived)
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Thrift store find!!! (Archived)MistaNelsin512/21/2011
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