Should I buy the Saturn or PSX version...?

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8 years ago#1
The other (similar) topic is locked, so I have created a new one because I would like to know too. I NEVER got around to playing the original Tomb Raider and don't want to play the Anniversary edition yet. I want to experience it in it's original form.

So...are the graphics in the SS version REALLY that much worse than the PSX rev? If there isn't much of a difference, I'll go ahead and snatch up the Saturn version off ebay.

I've found some websites and reviews that say it runs faster than the PSX version, but the PSX version has more lighting effects and slightly better textures. I've also viewed many videos of both versions on youtube.

Anyone wanna' fill me in,,,?
<<<Saturn Lives On>>>
8 years ago#2
<<<Segata Sanshiro Lives On>>>
8 years ago#3
Although the Saturn version may be a little bit graphically inferior to the PlaySta one it's only very minor in my opinion. I personally like the Saturn controller better versus the PlaySta one so if you do too then it's the Saturn version of Tomb Raider all the way. I also recently started playing the Anniversary edition on the 360 and though it is a pretty solid title overall it still doesn't top the original :-)
8 years ago#4
Anyone know of a website that contains any comparison videos/pics between the SS and PSX versions? Or at least any sites that have quality pictures of the Saturn version? I found some on mobygames and VG museum, but that's it.

Eh, I'll probably just get the Saturn version.
<<<Segata Sanshiro Lives On>>>
8 years ago#5
Having beaten both I can definitely say buy the psx one. The psx one looks quite a bit better as it runs at a nicer resolution. The game also play *slightly* better with the ps controller. If you have easy access to the saturn one though it's not like it's that big of a deal. The saturn is the cooler system anyways :)
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