Original copy keeps crashing with a PS3 (rather late model).

#1PierreotPosted 3/6/2013 10:53:46 AM

I love this game and it's one of the first PS1 games I ever owned. I've been trying to complete it, but the game crashes at random points on my PS3. It's an original copy bought in 1999.

It was crashing at the level "Wreck of the Maria Doria". I tried deleteing my saved game and starting over, but it crashed at "Venise" after I picked up the first key (when I'm back at the window).

The places it crashes are seemingly random. When I had my old saved game on the "Wreck of the Maria Doria", it often crashed when I brought up the inventory screen.

Which is strange because it works perfectly on my old PS1 or PS2 (except some audio skipping).

Does this game really crashes on a PS3, or is it just my copy that's getting old?

Thanks in advance.