So what are your top 3 favorite levels in this game?

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I am surprised this board doesn't have any active topics. Well, I am going to change that. Tomb Raider II was a classic game filled with many different locations... China, Venice, Offshore Rig, Venice, Tibet, and even an alternate dimension. What were your top 3 levels in this game?

Mine are:

1. Temple of Xian

This level is epic and one of my all time favorite levels in Tomb Raider history. It basically takes all of the action and traps from the previous levels and puts them into one big death trap! I love the scenery and different parts of the level like the ancient temple and lava room. Oh yeah, the Spider's Lair is creepy too. And I like how there is no henchmen either.

2. Barkhang Monastery

This level is great for exploration and visuals. I love the bright color of the Monastery and the different rooms that Lara can explore. I also love the unique challenge of the monks being your friend or foe. It definitely can make the level more challenging or easier. Great level.

3. Wreck of the Maria Doria

I always use to hate the underwater levels, until I played this one again. I love exploring an underwater wreck. It is pretty much like exploring an underwater tomb. The different rooms of the Maria Doria were memorable and I love the design of the level. It also is a good balance between underwater exploration (unlike 40 Fathoms) and surface exploration (unlike Living Quarters). I just wish it didn't have so many henchmen.

Current Results:
Temple of Xian -- 1
Barkhang Monastery -- 1
Wreck of the Maria Doria -- 1
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No love for TRII? :(
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