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User Info: steffen464

5 years ago#1
What is your favorit level in tomb raider 3

Mine is
Crash Site
Ludīs Gate
RX Tech Mines
and Nevada Desert

post you comments here

User Info: greybeard

5 years ago#2
Always enjoyed Thames Wharf as there's so much you can do there if you know a few tricks, great atmosphere too.

Nevada and Crash Site I think are great levels too. However I've very recently just played TR3: The Lost Artifact expanded PC version and I'd say the added levels are my favourite over all set. There's a bit of padding and going over old ground but the level designs are often brilliant.

If you can get hold of a copy and your PC is suitable it is a must play for any old school TR fan.

User Info: steffen464

5 years ago#3
I have a copy of the game to ps1

User Info: brianfahy1991

5 years ago#4
Any level but Aldwych.

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