Is this game gonna give me hell?

#1MikeSSJ part 3Posted 11/2/2011 2:28:55 PM
I've started playing through the series in order, and I'm almost finished with Tomb Raider 2 now, but to be quite honest, I'm somewhat dreading this game because I heard it's the hardest of the bunch.

So far, I struggled against those stupid mummies in the first game, and in the Monastery in general because of all those traps >_>

Aside from that, I didn't have too many problems yet, but I've only just reached the Temple of Xian again.

Going by that, will I struggle with this game, or somewhat manage?

I'm worried the most about the save system - either give me savepoints, OR free saving, but this "save any time, but not as often as you want"-thing is worrying me because, seeing as I don't know the levels, I'm bound to either waste those saves or not save enough and get frustrated because I don't know what's coming >_>
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