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4 years ago#1
I'm starting to write a No Health Pack FAQ for Tomb Raider 3 soon. If you know some tricks or stuff that you think might be useful in such a FAQ you can post it in this topic. I'll of course give you credit if it's something usable.
4 years ago#2
Don't get hurt.

4 years ago#3
Thanks donar. I'll remember that. ;)

I finished a test run yesterday. Messed up a lot on RX and Tinnos, got pissed and used so many save crystals so I lost count of 'em. Anyway I make another run on PAL later, the NTSC gets so damn dark on my telly so I almost ran out of flares a couple of times. If anyone has a suggestion how to get past the cold water swimming at the end of RX I gladly take it. The best I can come up with are using the save trick, but that feels so-so. For me that part seems ****ing impossible to do otherwise.

Except that the challenge is fun, Madubu wasn't the beast I had expected even though I suck at kayaking.

4 years ago#4
Yeah that part seems to almost require a health pack...

I'd check out that section on both speedruns at SDA

To see if they did anything differently. Then again they may have just used a corner glitch to skip it entirely!
4 years ago#5
Yeah I just watched one of the 2 and they use a few health packs to get back up that long cold water pit...

...and I just watched the other one, it uses the save glitch.

I would ask just in case over at tombrunner:
4 years ago#6
I've checked out badassgamez' let's play vids. That guy is kinda serious but uses the trick too. Guess I'll have to recommend using the trick and mark the level as "almost impossible" if not saving at least once in the water.

I've written guides for the first four levels now. It's a little hard to decide how detailed I should be sometimes because I don't want it to become a complete walkthrough. This challenge is for experienced TR3 players only.
4 years ago#7
I would think that just all the parts where you have to avoid taking damage would be important, aside from that, just a general description of the path you take.
4 years ago#8
Just finished Temple of Puna. Tested some strategies against the boss. The MP5 worked surprisingly good so that's a nice way to save desert ammo. Now I only have the London and Antarctica adventures left. Don't expect to find anything new in London really, only Lud's Gate is to be considered as difficult there.
4 years ago#9
Hmm, in Aldwych I've wondered what spawns the second dude near the last secret. I'm pretty sure it's not walking at a certain point, because I've been running around for minutes in that area to try making him appear. I'm gonna waste a save crystal next time and investigate this mystery, possible already tonite.
4 years ago#10
This game's is already hard enough as it is. No health packs??!! O_________________O
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