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4 years ago#11
Yeah, but in difference from the two first Tomb Raider games the enemies are easy in this one and you have the desert eagle to take out the big threats with before they even know what's going on. This one is more about minimizing damage from falls and traps.

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4 years ago#12
Yeah, there are several levels in TR3 where you almost have to go out of your way to get hurt enough to even use 1 small health pack.

TR3 is hard because of the level design (especially for first time players not using a guide). It's not really hard because of the damage you take.

I did run into one part that I had to try a few times.

(I've been paying attention to the health packs since RX_Tech_Miner started this topic).

And that is at the end of High Security Compound where you have to fight several MP and a dog. (The part where you have to make a box/crate go down the conveyer belt).

I was already a bit low on health from not exactly trying hard on the first half of the level, so I had my work cut out for me. Also you only have handguns at the time (at a few grenade rounds in the grenade launcher) so I just snipped them from as far as possible with the handguns. If the MP has his gun out, Lara's range seems to be a bit farther than theirs.
4 years ago#13
You can avoid two of those MP's by killing the one who tries to run away before he gets around the corner, but this requires that you time it good with the sprint button. I've just finished the guide now, it's probably full of spelling errors and I've also learned some new tricks from a couple of youtube videos that I'm gonna add. I'll be trying to go through this 26 page thingy next week.
4 years ago#14
4 years ago#15
Not letting you die yet my beloved topic.
4 years ago#16
Awright!! the guide is uploaded. Dunno how long it takes until it's launched among the faqs... I've finished lots of projects this week and I'm quite sick in writing stuff in English, so I'll do sumthing in my first language next. Cheerz!!!
4 years ago#17
I doubt I'll even try. Too many parts are already too hard as it is without the added challenge of not using health packs.
4 years ago#18
Happy birthday Lara! Nice that people still are finding new stuff in this old game:
3 years ago#19
RX_Tech_Miner posted...
Happy birthday Lara! Nice that people still are finding new stuff in this old game:

That is kinda cool. Personally I wish they had added on more levels and stuff tot he classics but that'll never happen
3 years ago#20
I applaud anyone that will No Health Pack run this game perfectly. This was by far the hardest Tomb Raider game I ever played I am not sure how someone will get past a part like the underwater parts in RX-Tech Mine where it literally eats your health bar once you go underwater.

Good luck with it though, and keep us up to date with your progress. ;)
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