Sigh here if you still own an original copy of this game

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Just put mine on my PSP and boy is better then half the PSP games you can get.

I tried Metal Gear Acid.
And I liked it.
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After part 4, I stopped caring. I never really played Underground, but THUG2 was junk(with the whole forced humor ****). THPS2 is easily my favorite, Easy to learn, difficult to master, a great sound track, and just loads of fun to play. Skate(haven't played 2 yet), is an awesome game, but IMHO it doesn't have the addictive quality of the old THPS games...

*Wish the THPS series would go back to it's roots* Instead of forced viva la bam style humor and lame gimmicks... ;_;
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THPS2 was the best and I stopped caring after Underground 2 which was a god awful game. It killed the franchise I believe, well for me it did.

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lol THUG2 was terrible.
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I sold my original one, but I bought a copy again today, oh how I have missed playing the best THPS.
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i actually own it for the xbox, so it counts.
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