Anybody who is interested in swapping created parks and owns a PS3...

#1gameguy2500Posted 2/4/2009 8:57:00 AM
...Should come over to my site:

I'm trying to get together a community of die hard Hawk fans who still want to have some fun with the games. For example, with the PS3 it is very easy to load your virtual memory card saves onto a flashdrive and pop it into your PC and load it up on the net. I have the forums set up on the site and anyone who is interested can go there and inform me or simply reply in this topic. If I get enough people interested I'll eventually make a submission section to the forums for created parks and such, you'll also see additional information over there eventually for the other things I plan to do with the community and Hawk games.

For now I'm going to probably start loading up some of my own files even if no body is into it right away, but that may help to get things rolling. By the way, I do realize that finding people who are still interested in the Hawk series is going to take a LONG time, but I have to try... I HAVE to try!
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