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Just ordered this for $13.29 shipped, complete in the original box! (Archived)NewportBox100s16/21 8:55PM
A remake would make this game flourish like no other ! (Archived)GodFierceDeity17/16 1:26PM
a challenge you need! (Archived)neonchain12/8/2014
do people still post here? (Archived)Argonisgema13/8/2013
Mission Objectives? (Archived)Shadow_FF623/2/2013
Best Game Ever!!! (Archived)italiandood11/31/2013
Response to: Suggested Improvements and Turok 2 seeds of evil video playthroughs (Archived)b0xcar11/12/2013
Response to topic 'Turok seeds of evil-River of souls' (Archived)Onox4112/25/2012
This is how to change the controls in a N64 emulator for "Windows". (Archived)natsumerio18/30/2012
I was disappointed in this game. (Archived)dcamp2726/29/2012
Turok 2 needs a Reboot (Archived)Exo_Icarus26/14/2012
Beginning of The Port of Adia: Hidden Explosive Shells? (Archived)dudtekarrow35/26/2012
Suggested Improvements (Archived)stonerfrog14/5/2012
Oblivion's words (Archived)TeenTyrant12/7/2012
Starting my very first playthrough (Archived)matty_s52/5/2012
Response to topic "Tranquilizer gun" (Archived)
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Aiming system help Please! (Archived)rkelly92112/13/2011
Turok seeds of evil-River of souls (Archived)clevelands119112/9/2011
Post here if you have a 360 but you still play 64 and turok 2. (Archived)xRealXDeal89/21/2011
I wish so badly for this game to be ported/remade for the Xbox 360 (Archived)Plasmarrow108/14/2011
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