Turok2 PC version comparison and problems

#1unnamedFerPosted 5/8/2010 4:49:41 PM
Well I just couldnt stand the N64 controllers for this one, specially since it seem T2 was tought to be played on a PC.

Well the PC version plays awesome since you can aim with the mouse, but I have the feeling enemies deal more damage to compensate that (at least it seems they do when comparing with that N64 hard runs videos on youtube)
Even then its still damn hard to aim, with the over sensitive hitboxes turning rocket damage into nothingness.

Problems... well music doesnt play but theres a fix on the web for that.
Besides that there another two problems:

-enemies or part of the stage become invisible, gets fixed if you reopen the game.
-the worms that some blind ones summon never appear even tough you see the rock bursting from the ground.
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