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6 years ago#1
As soon as I complete Winback: Covert Operations (a highly recommended N64 game), I'll be starting up a game of Turok 3 for the first time. I'll be posting about my experience with Turok 3 as I play through it. Looking forward to the game (Turok 1 and 2 were fantastic).

Is anyone out there on this fairly dead board?

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6 years ago#2
Pre-Level 1:
They had some excellent looking cut scenes. I have to admit that the story was very tough to follow. I pieced things together though from a little research: Josh (the guy with the title of "turok" from Turok 1 and 2) has a nightmare, and tells his sister Danielle (in the nightmare he gets gunned down when trying to rescue a child). Next thing you know, bad guys from Turok 2 are warping into the farmhouse where Josh, Danielle, and Joseph live. Josh Turok gets wounded, and tells Danielle and Joseph to flee. They drive off in a pickup truck and the farmhouse with Josh and bad guys blows up, thanks to Josh's grenade. Then, there's a huge alien guy (bigger than the truck) who comes out of nowhere. The truck crashes, but the Turok 2 woman is there to rescue Danielle and Joseph. They warp to a new place, and I won't fill in anymore, because unfortunately, the alien head guys were cool, but very tough to understand in their robotic voices. :) Anyway, I got to play as Danielle or Joseph, and I went with Danielle, who is better looking. hehe

Level 1:
I am sure the robotic talking alien heads explained why I'd be sent to an office building, but like I said, they were a little tough to understand. No matter. Right off the bat, I died a couple times when figuring out what to do. The extra stuff happening outside the building was really awesome. This game is very detailed, and made to be very realistic with the future police showing up and blockading areas of the street. I even died once when I crossed into their territory. This is a very nice looking game - you feel like you are in the city (buildings, streets, underground in the subway system). I got to use the grappling hook, and that was so sweet. The auto-aiming that the game does is very nice. You have to be reasonably close with your crosshairs, and then they auto-correct for you. Nice. That subway was great. Very realistic looking, and I got smacked one time when I didn't make it out of the tracks in time. Dead. Later, I got a little confused when I had to restore power to the elevators. Didn't take too long to figure out though. Great level. I like how they have little sections of the level for checkpoints. First boss was great. I had no idea how I was going to win. My health was going down a lot faster than his, but on my 4th try, he did a lot more moving around and less attacking. That was all it took to take him out.

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6 years ago#3
Level 2:
Lots of humans to attack. I have determined that the shotgun is my favorite at the moment. Seems to get rid of enemies quicker, which means less damage for me. The first part of level 2 was straightforward - just run down the tunnels and blast people behind sandbags. I got to the scientist on the ground, and the next thing I knew, I had a countdown running on the screen. I knew I wouldn't get my goal on the first try, so I just tried to familiarize myself with the area. After a number of tries, I eventually learned exactly what had to be done - hit the switches in the actual silo order - go get 1, then run to 2, and make a trip back to silos 3 & 4 (those switches are next to each other). In order to have a better chance at completing the level, I redid that part so I'd have more health at the end. Later on, I realized that it bumps you up to 50 health minimum if you die and restart a segment.

The next memorable part had a countless amount of fat 2 legged aliens run towards me around corners, and their shots were making my health meter plummet. I think this is where I determined that I like the shotgun the most. Eventually, after learning the layout of the area, I got better at baiting the enemies a few at a time. That was a long area, and then the next 3 parts, I breezed through. I actually skipped an area, where I should have gone in a room to collect a bunch of life force pieces. I don't know if it was just 1 room, or a series of rooms. Either way, I'm past that now.

I got to the octopus looking boss area, and quickly got wasted. Just now, I looked at a youtube video of this boss being destroyed, and it looks so much easier than my method. :) In my method, I ran around the perimeter of the room, while keeping the crosshairs on the boss. Constant strafe, constant shooting. Eventually, I took him down, but I had to figure out what to do when he apparently became 'invincible' at 2 health bars. I'm happy to say that I did figure out how to destroy him. I swear I restarted that boss area 30 times. It was so annoying when I was strafing around the room and then a few times I got stuck on something.

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6 years ago#4
Level 3:
Made pretty good progress in this level. I am nearly at the level 3 boss.

New enemies, which are quite tough. They seem to blend in with the background a little more too. Early in the stage, you are in a large open area with a crashed airplane. I'd walk into an area, and then have shots coming at me from an unknown direction. Much different from the tighter corridors of the last level, where you only had to be concerned with the path ahead of you. After I got on top of the airplane, I had pretty good health, but there were 2 guys cutting me down quick. Then, a 3rd guy joins them, and now I had 3 to worry about while not being able to strafe much on the narrow airplane fuselage. I had just a little health left, and was able to get into the next area.

The next memorable part was coming across some dinosaurs - it was the famous turok raptor. They seem to be smarter now, and harder to kill. I was in an area with a blue and red key needed, and these doors opened to let loose 2 huge muscular 2-legged beasts. I soon found out that they can damage you simply by pounding the ground. My technique became lots of distance, and powerful guns - shotgun and tek arrows were best.

I later found a generator room, and I found a new strategy. The enemies were respawning like crazy, so I found it was best to keep moving. Figure out how to do the goals/tasks of the level, and then breeze through them so you don't have to deal with as many enemies. I was able to find the batteries and other various parts and get them back in place. I even found the vampire gun. Sounded pretty awesome, but I quickly found out that it was terrible (I checked a guide today, and it's a decent gun if you use it right).

I decided to quit when I got to a temple looking building. Supposedly the boss is in there.

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6 years ago#5
Level 3:
Picking up where I left off, it didn't take long before I came to a boss fight. I thought it was a very cool looking grotesque boss in a bathtub. A very interesting and also easy boss battle. I lost nearly no health. Kinda uneven. If I were to put difficulty levels on the 3 bosses so far, they'd be 5/10, 8/10, 1/10. That's just my experience though. They seemed to behave differently during different times that I battled them, and in the case of boss #2, every time I died and respawned, I started with 50 health, so that made things tougher. So, down went the level 3 boss.

Level 4:
This was great. They took Turok: Dinosaur Hunter (the original N64 turok, for those who don't know), and they put that Turok game's level 1 area (a part of it) into this game's level 4 area. It was kinda cool if you think about it to see Adan (whatever her name is) waltz around in turok's original level in the cutscene. Anyway, I went through the familiar territory (I'm a huge Turok 1 fan), and had a good time with that. Even the enemies seemed weak compared to other levels, and that actually made it more fun. My objective on the screen was to get past the first gatehouse. I just wandered around exploring and can't even remember anymore if I flipped a switch, or did anything special, but mission accomplished. The next objective was to get past the 2nd gatehouse, and I found some switches to pull (2 of them in a room). It didn't tell me the mission was accomplished, and I explored a bit more, and got shot. I then decided to call it a night.

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6 years ago#6
Wow, I just realized something. It was almost exactly 1 year ago (10/26/09 to be exact) that I was asking about this game (see my other post). I was simply trying to find out how good this game was. I can now say it's pretty good, but I wouldn't classify it as a must-play title by any means.

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6 years ago#7
One thing I should point out - this game doesn't really have "levels" - it is more of a continuous linear game from one area to the next. The first 2 turok games had distinct levels, where you'd enter a warp, and find yourself in a new level. In this one, you just play through the whole thing, which is broken up into small areas. Generally, you start an area, fight a number of enemies and possibly complete a task, like flipping a switch, and then when you get to a new area, it's like a checkpoint, and you revive there if you die.

I'm going to keep labeling my progress with Level 4, etc, since I started that way. In my case, whenever I encountered a boss with a health bar, I considered that the end of a level.

Level 4:
I started where I left off. As it turns out, I only needed to pull a lever to release a draw bridge. But, I thought there was more to it than that. So, I basically wasted a bit of time exploring the area. In one spot I found an endless enemy respawning point. Word of advice - stay away from those spots. The enemies just keep respawning as you kill them, and when they do, they usually get a shot or 2 off, so it's pretty much game over - the best you can do is run away and take a few hits while you are fleeing. Moving on, I soon encountered a boss, and this boss was laughable. I can't really explain it withough spoiling it, so skip over this next paragraph if you want.

Spoiler Warning - Boss fight
The boss is invincible. When you damage him, he just regenerates. So, you have to go to the upper level, up a ramp, and when you pull a lever, a trap door opens. I think the intention was that you need to have him follow you, and then you run across the trap door with him behind you and then you grab the handle to open the trap door and he falls to his doom (beneath the trap door is a hot fiery table). In my case, the boss was downstairs, I ran upstairs to pull the lever, and it read "Boss Defeated." When I ran downstairs, there he was, laying on the hot fiery table, like he was automatically warped there when I opened the trap door. Today, I looked at a video of someone fighting that same boss. You know what? The boss was trapped behind a wall, running in place, and then when the lever was pulled, it showed "Boss Defeated" and sure enough, there he lay on the hot fiery table. Apparently, they didn't think that one through too well.
End Spoiler

Ok, next area, I found a little village with lots of rooms to explore and a few switches to find. I got a sceptre, and then proceeded to the next area. I opened up a pyramid and revealed a very cool sorcerer type guy who shot fireballs my way. Easy to kill - he was in the open, I had cover. My objectives were to get the Gem of Ice and Gem of Fire. I had the Gem of Ice in a matter of seconds (normally you have to search for a bit). I continued on, and found some dangerous territory - lava. I have no idea if I was supposed to do this, but in one area, I crossed through the lava to get to the next room, and I lost a lot of life in the process. I went through several areas, and while running through one room, I had an enemy who I could hear the whole time (he was following close behind, but never damaged me). I figured if I kept going, I'd just enter a new room and he'd be gone. Sure enough. That was easy. I left off when it appeared I had another lava lake to cross.

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6 years ago#8
Level 4:
I went back to a slightly earlier save in the lava area. As it turns out, you don't have to walk across any lava, if you find the correct way to make path ways through the lava (this is done by draining the lava in one area, and in another area, there is a large rock to shoot down from the ceiling). I figured out the way to get to the boss, which was really cool looking. My health was way over 100 (thanks to ultra health), so I had no difficulty with him. Just shoot & strafe.

I got out of there, and was now able to open the next gate, and a cool cutscene started with 3 robed guys. I even got to take them out after the cutscene.

Level 5:
The part that followed looked like it was going to be brutal. I didn't have that much ammo, and it appeared that an endless respawning point for the enemies was up ahead. As it turned out, there were only 4 or 5 total guys I had to eliminate. I was able to make it through a few more areas, and I'm not at the Ore Transport. Not long now to get to the end, but it should be tough.

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6 years ago#9
Before we get to the spoiler stuff, here are some of the good/bad parts of the game.

The difficulty in the game has been a little weird. A few areas back, was the toughest part of the game. It seemed to be a bit easy in these late stages. I entered one room and found a mere 2 enemies positioned high up, but once they were gone, I was free to roam the room. In other areas, you become victim to a spawning point, where you have to run because if you shoot one guy, another appears.

I have liked the environments throughout. Nice artwork on the backgrounds, and the controls have been very responsive. Those cutscenes were very good, if only some of the digitized voices were easier to understand. Check out a youtube video to see what I'm talking about.

Here's my take on the remainder of the game. There will be spoilers, so stop reading now if you want to keep it a surprise.

The next area was pretty fun, I had to ride a moving platform, and shoot snipers along the way. It was a little too easy, because the snipers aim was a little off. Oh well, it was fun launching tek arrows at them. The next several areas were actually pretty quick. I came across one room which was loaded with a number of enemies, but I found an elevator shortly after I entered the room, and I easily escaped what would have been a tough battle.

I had to take out a machine in one area. This would have been very tough, because enemies were continuously entering the room from the left & right, but I figured out a secret. I was able to destroy it before entering the room, and then I walked in, and it told me "Mission Complete." :)

The next several areas went by pretty quick. Not a huge amount of enemies. I finally found the room with Oblivion. Very cool looking. I was hitting him with everything I had. To tell you the truth, I don't even know what his weak point was. I seemed to have the best luck when I aimed at his left armpit or thigh. My weapon of choice was the RPG (I haven't tried to figure out the acronym till now, but that must be rocket propelled grenade). It was great whenever that one connected. The fight wasn't too tough. Just fire a bunch of times on him, and then run circles around the room, collecting health and ammo, and then fire some more.

He went down, and I was wondering if there was going to be a typical, "fight another form of the boss" battles. Sure enough. I had to take on his next form, and the biggest spoiler will be happening in a couple sentences. I fought my way toward the very last boss area. A couple switches to pull, and I was all set. I then had to fight joshua, and had no idea which weapon to use. I chose wrong the first 2 times. On my next life, I went with the very damaging RPG, and it took 2 or 3 shots. That's it. Another cut scene, and the ending credits.

If you've been reading, I hope you enjoyed my little write up (and let me know if you're out there). Any comments are welcome. From here, I am moving on to 2 N64 games - Goemon's Great Adventure and Vigilante 8. If they don't hold my interest, then I'll be selling them and moving on, but I've read mainly positive things about them. See you on their respective boards.

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