Anyone who played this way back when?

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Don't die D:
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Keeping alive.
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How is this topic not about board hunters yet?
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Don't know. Probably time to let go.
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Well closed my WoW aacount. Combination of money and boredom.

No game has ever lived up to the Ultima Online world in its prime. As far as sandbox mmorpgs go. Feel free to disprove me because I'd love to play a populated game that is a sandbox mmorpg. No I don't mean UO Player Servers lol

Ha I remember training in Britain Graveyard. Someone release dragons and we noobs took them down lol
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I dunno how I got here
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#1 on a top ten YEah
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what's a good free shard that requires no reagents, has no newbied or buyable for real money items, is like traditional uo, has a good community, doesn't have every house walled off like it's zombie apocalypse, and has competitive but balanced pvp?

something like TDS or ronaldo's realm
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*moves forward 8 tiles*