Enigma UO: Best old-school Ultima Shard

#1Lord_VelnerPosted 4/25/2012 11:45:13 AM

Enigma UO is the first and only Ultima Online free shard that seeks to emulate the Pre-Alpha era of Ultima Online. The Pre-Alpha was a testing released in 1996 so that Origin could test the feasibility of an MMORPG. The Pre-Alpha utilized unique graphics and a unique map; all have been faithfully recreated by Enigma UO.

The shard features a hard core Felucca rule set. Guards do not instantly teleport to whack criminals in town. In fact, guards can be slain by powerful characters. There is no skill cap, so a player can GM all available skills. Housing has recently been added.

Enigma UO is the most unique free shard I have yet played. I played OSI from 2000-2006 and have played a few free shards. This is the first time I've been really excited about UO since those early days. Look for Velner - I'll set you up with equipment and money. Hope to see you in old Britannia.

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God created the universe and let it evolve.
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It wouldn't be the Pre-Alpha if the characters didn't have the visible backpacks.