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UO is NOT dead! (Archived)SJane338464/8/2011
what are some of hot free shards right now? (Archived)ColdKillerX12/20/2011
700 plus player all hours if anyone is interested in playing again (Archived)Stides4022/20/2011
Make UO Free 2 Play!!! (Archived)18_Fixxxer_1852/19/2011
The spiritual successor to UO (Archived)LordBalor421/21/2011
Rutgers University Players? (Archived)itsweezer211/6/2010
2nd Age music.. ? (Archived)_Incanus_29/25/2010
Is this game worth getting back into again? How big is the community? (Archived)Neo_Sarevok69/5/2010
If I have gold, will installing ML without uninstalling gold screw me over? (Archived)Alzekiah19/3/2010
Any free servers like the way this game used to be orignally?? (Archived)dbx12536/29/2010
They should make a Scandanavian expension with a Viking Class (Archived)Slimeknight46/29/2010
It's been a while since I played but isn't Siege shard like the old UO? (Archived)Slimeknight16/2/2010
They should have a Falconry skill where some of the falcons are hard to find (Archived)Slimeknight16/2/2010
Great free 5year server (Archived)Twizted778312/18/2010
Baja Playerssssss (Archived)asg41932/17/2010
uosecondage.com (Archived)ATSher0331/4/2010
So I've been playing during the Return to Brittania event... (Archived)Red_Jester510/31/2009
New Free pvp/pve shard! Blackmoor (Archived)moottorisaha210/30/2009
Free Australian UO Shard (Archived)ZobbRombie110/15/2009
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