Like or hate Hulk Hogan, they did a bad job with his move set.

#1HeroFromKryptonPosted 1/9/2013 10:44:01 AM
And it's inexcusable here. So many wrestlers got moves made specifically for them, with their signature theatrics and mannerisms. Kevin Nash no longer had a generic powerbomb, he had THE Jackknife. Sting had the Scorpion Death Drop rather than a plain reverse ddt. Goldberg got the gorilla press powerslam, rolling leg lock submission, spear, jackhammer, and all his signature taunts in his debut game.

Hulk Hogan isn't some curtain jerking jobber and he has no new moves at all, nothing created specifically for him. His front special was the Flair flop, which he has never done. His big boot can't knock anyone down unless it causes a knock out. He has a generic standing (not running like it's supposed to be) leg drop which does an insignificant amount of damage, increases the opponent's spirit, and makes them get up faster. It's not impossible to animate a running leg drop which does a decent amount of damage and can even cause knockouts. Bruiser Brody's knee drop in Virtual Pro Wrestling 64 is capable of knockouts and bleeding.