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4 years ago#1
Best wrestling game ever. Just started playing this again for the first time in probably ten years. Missed it. I like it much better than No Mercy. Never got in to that game. The story line was weak, I loved Road to Wrestlemania. And they also cut out the intros in No Mercy.

Speaking of Road to Wrestlemania however, man it is freaking hard. The A.I. seems to get harder with every match. Just barely finished the King of the Ring and Val Venis was the last opponent. He was blocking everything, and just completely owning me. I guess the challenge adds to the fun.
4 years ago#2
But alas, it is not.

No Mercy lacks a lot of what WM2k has (speed being the big one), but it adds more playable characters and a new match-style.
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4 years ago#3
I just never could get into No Mercy. I had both as a kid but always preferred Wrestlemania. I'll have to go back and play No Mercy more and maybe it'll grow on me.
4 years ago#4 never got into No Mercy, or you just weren't very good at it? Tell the truth...personally, I'd mash up everything that I liked from both games into one amazing game. And of course the difficulty gets harder the further you go in RtWM; did you seriously think that getting to Stone Cold would be easy?!?!
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4 years ago#5
Actually the one thing that made me never play the game was my own fault lol. When I was a kid probably about 12 or so when it came out I erased everything on my memory card. I remember at the beginning of the game it would always ask if you wanted to format your memory card or something like that. At the time I must've not known what that meant and decided to do it once, erasing all of my data. All of my Create a Wrestlers, and all of my story mode data. I was so mad that I ended up never playing it again, didn't feel like starting over with everything. But it was my own stupid fault ha.

I guess 12 years later I'm ready to start over. I guess I just didn't like how they got rid of the ring entrances at the beginning the most. Pretty stupid reason. That and the story mode wasn't my favorite compared to just going through a season like in WM2000. I started playing it last night and the graphics were much better, and the game flowed much more smoothly than WM2000.

I was always pretty good at those games so the difficulty wasn't really a factor. Although just recently I was struggling with Road to Wrestlemania, much harder than I remember. I was playing the last match in the King of the Ring tournament against Val Venis and he was blocking and reversing everything I did to him. I retried about 5 times before I was able to beat him.
4 years ago#6
I have that erasing by mistake problem now, but its not my fault; gosh darned kids man.
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4 years ago#7
What gameshark codes you like playing with?
4 years ago#8
Are there any Gameshark codes worth using? I remember back in the day trying to put in codes for like Inferno Matches and Hell in a Cell's but it would always glitch the game.

Also, I've been playing No Mercy now, and haven't gone back to Wrestlemania 2000 since.
4 years ago#9
Yeah most codes glitched for wm2k and no mercy. But there were lots of them but did not save them. I remember one code where you could have different sounds in the background when clicking exhibition, options n etc. I know i have a casket match but have not tested it.
4 years ago#10
The only ones that I used were to always have 'SPECIAL' on for player 1, and to have infinite money, so I'd finish the Women's Championship and have enough to buy everything in the Smackdown Shop at once.
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