Xenogears: Frequently Asked Questions (READ ME FIRST!)

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8 years ago#31
Hi Duke.
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7 years ago#32
I haven't noticed this being posted, but equipping Vierge with the ChronoRodG (Slow) makes the Hammer fight a lot easier, especially before self-destruction. I defeated him by accident without proper equipment because I got like, 8-9 turns after he turned red.

Barry Burton reaching encore stage in V5:
It's BLUE FOREST! Oh..My..God!
7 years ago#33
^Nice find, never really thought to try something like this and I haven't seen any mention of it before. Would make a nice tip to add on when/if we have a V2 of the sticky later.
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7 years ago#34
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
7 years ago#35
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6 years ago#36
Umm, I know this is kinda late. Never had to look here when I had the game. I just remember that I turned mine in because I was playing on the psx when the game first came out and it locks on on that fight on a console too. not sure if it was every copy, though my copy did. Just thought it should be known about the game's coding glitch. And this was without attacking during my turn.
6 years ago#37
6 years ago#38
As a first-time Xenogear player, this is all crazy-helpful. Thanks!
Umm, since the FAQs didn;t write about this

want to ask about which dungeons or monster that give biggest EXP

as far as I know, the Dragons in Duneman Isle give the most EXP

Is there any place to level up faster, because Dragons is random and I hate fighting those Dunemans (although with Emeralda spell they can be killed in one turn)
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5 years ago#40
I felt like eating over and over at the restaurant in Aveh to make Fei gain a lot of weight this playthrough for some reason.
Probably because I never did it before cause I know it has no effect.

Anyway, what ways are there in the game to lose weight?
Anorexic Elly gogo
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