February 2013: Screenshot Scramble I

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3 years ago#1
This month, we'll return to a trivia-ish contest -- trivia with an added dose of problem-solving. In the following video are screenshots from 25 different games. The screenshots have been jumbled up to make them harder to identify. Your task is to identify the game for each of the 25 screenshots.

The 25 screenshots are presented here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5nL8NJwvUE

The number on the screen corresponds to which screenshot in the video is currently showing. Use these numbers in your entry to designate which game you think is which. The screenshots get harder as the video goes on by halving the slices of each slice, from 80x80 pixels (1-6) to 40x40 (7-12) to 20x20 (13-18) to 10x10 (19-24), and finally one extremely hard screenshot with slices sized 5x5 (25).

To Enter
To enter the competition, go through the video and try to identify the game from which scrambled screenshot comes. PM me with your entry. In your PM, please use the subject line "Contest Entry - (your GameFAQs username)". To make things easier on me, leave spaces blank if you aren't guessing a game for some screenshot. A sample entry would look something like this:
1. Super Mario Bros.
2. Pong
4. Space Invaders

An entire entry fits comfortably in one PM, with a few characters left over. If your entry does surpass the character limit, though, feel free to go back and abbreviate some games. Try not to break your entry into two PMs, however.

Entries will be scored in a way that rewards entrants who guess more challenging screenshots. The fewer people guess a game correctly, the more points will be rewarded to the people who did guess that game correctly. This will be done in tiers, and will be mostly based on the total number of entries:
Only one person correct: 9 points
<5% Correct: 7 points
5-15% Correct: 5 points
15-30% Correct: 3 points
30%< Correct: 1 point

In other words, if 20% of the entrants guess Game #1 correctly, then each of those entrants will receive 3 points for that game.

Partial credit is available: if your wrong guess is in the same series as the correct answer, you'll receive half the points that would have been given for a correct answer.

Prizes are:
1st Place: 50 karma
2nd place: 25 karma
3rd place: 15 karma
4th/5th place: 5 karma

The deadline for entry will be Thursday, February 7th at 11:59PM Eastern, roughly one week from now. Winners will be announced on Thursday, February 14th.
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3 years ago#2
1. If you submit an entry and want to make a correction or add more answers later, you can: just PM me again, and make sure to mention that you're resubmitting, and only your latter entry will be counted.

2. Ties, however, will be broken by entry time. If two users earn the same score, the first user to send their entry will be ranked ahead. This is, of course, based on your last entry time if you resubmit.

3. Don't ask for answers. This is an individual contest, so don't post on forums asking for people to help you out -- that isn't fair to the other entrants. Cheaters will be disqualified, and it's surprisingly easy to find out if you cheated. Remember also, you receive more points if fewer people guess a game correctly, so giving out answers will lower the score of your own entry.

4. In the past, people on other forums have enjoyed brainstorming these videos as well. I'm glad you're enjoying them! However, please refrain from posting your guesses publicly, especially on sites crawled by search engines, until the contest period is over. I'll be waiting until the 14th to post the answers, so there will be a time period after the contest closes before the answers are posted. This goes for GameFAQs boards as well: don't post answers until the 8th.

5. In some cases, screenshots have been edited to make them fit the scrambling program. This has amounted to cropping up to 70 pixels off the left and right side of the screenshot, but the majority of the screenshot remains easily visible. Note also that these screenshots originally come from videos, and thus some artifacting and other compression issues may result.

6. This thread will be closed to prevent anyone from accidentally posting their entry in this thread. If you have any questions on the contest, PM me; if it's a particularly pressing question, I'll post the answer in this thread.
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3 years ago#3
Note also: I do recommend watching the video in full-screen mode to ensure you see as many details of the screenshots as possible. Previewing it, there are definitely notable details that disappear in the smaller views.
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3 years ago#4
Another note: don't worry about expansion packs. If any of these screenshots technically come from expansion packs, I'm not aware of that, so I'll be scoring according to the original game (although you'll, of course, get full credit if you name an expansion pack, too -- even if it's not the right expansion pack).
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3 years ago#5
The time to enter the contest is over. All but two games were correctly guessed: #22 and #24. Have fun speculating, and I'll post the results next week.
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