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7 years ago#1
Can tech find pop as 1st prize for league?

I got it a few times as 2nd prize but getting 2nd place in league is too annoying. I hate to play to lose just to get 2nd place or smth.

Also, can it show up as prize for best shooter? Or in tournaments?

I really need to unlock hi-risk for nimrook and then teach him it (again, I heard hi-risk is ultra-rare tournament award, but hey, I can reset the game until I get it.) so I can level him up faster. Every 10 games he horribly lags behind everyone and making him a defender and passing the ball constantly with him is just tiresome.

Hi-risk would cut the time needed for that in two, but that means I need to get tech find first...

Oh, and I need a couple of those to make Nav learn lvl3 tackles, too. And some anti-techs 2.

7 years ago#2
You'll see Tech Find appear as prizes for Leageue 2nd place, League Top Scorer, Tournament 1st place and Tournament second place.

Once you've opened the Hi Risk slot you'd be better off releasing Nimrook and waiting for him to learn it on another team. It appears so rarely that you'll only want to learn it for Tidus and Wakka.
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7 years ago#3
Doesn't Nimrook unlock Hi-Risk just by learning all his key techs?

Mine knew it when I finally signed him (lots of early game blitzing, then recruitment when temporarily on the airship), along with his three key techs.

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7 years ago#4
This is possible. Perhaps I should release him to make him learn anti-drain and hi-risk on his own, then. I guess I got him too fast. (after the initial 24 game contract with Al Bhed Psyches).

I already released Balgerda with only anti-drain tech, but nobody wants to hire her so I can tech copy anti-drain from her. Damn.
7 years ago#5
Plenty of people in my game (theoretically) know Anti-Drain (2). They just NEVER EQUIP IT EVER.


No, not now. I mean, they NEVER. EVER. EQUIP IT. Not ONE single game has had ANY opponent with anti-drain. Not even uselessly on the goalie, as a taunt. Not even before my team could even learn it, again as a taunt.

The skill may as well not exist to my game.

But yeah, Nimrook definitely unlocks Hi-Risk on his own. A lot of goalies seem to.

Eclipsing power is, at times, not only the instrument of demons, but also of gods.
Lost, but not forgotten.

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