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6 years ago#1
Which techniques are almost impossible to tech-copy? I only know of Anti-Drain and Hi-Risk. I'm thinking of letting the AI learn the techniques for my players but I wish to maximize the efficiency by letting them learn as many techniques of this nature as possible.
6 years ago#2
Anti-Drain is impossible for me to Techcopy and practically impossible in general. As for Hi-Risk, it is NOT Techcopy-able. You have to win it as League 2nd place prize.
6 years ago#3
Ah, okay. Hi-Risk can be obtained by allowing the player go and letting another team hire him/her. That might teach the player Hi-Risk as the other players have them too. But are there other techniques that are similar to these two? How about Anti-Drain 2?
6 years ago#4
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6 years ago#5
Ok but if you want to teach Hi-risk to Tidus or Wakka, you ll have to win the tech cause other teams cannot hire them.
IIRC, you can win anti-drain 2 as a prize.
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6 years ago#6
Other techniques that cannot be learned by Techcopy include Elite Defense, Brawler, Pile Venom, Pile Wither, Regen, Good Morning!, Golden Arm and Gamble.

Most of these will appear as tournament prizes ( I personally have seen them all appear except Gamble) or, other than for Tidus and Wakka who play exclusively for the Aurochs, you likely will be able to have your players learn them by playing for some other team.

Anti-Drain 2 is like Anti Drain - "unTechcopyable". Anti Drain 2 does appear as a tournament prize (Anti Drain does not) so it can be learned by that means.
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6 years ago#7
Thanks for all of your help. This will help me greatly!

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