Can't find a monster on DJose Road

#1RPG GIRLPosted 1/29/2008 12:59:37 PM
I'm trying to catch all the monsters I have walked back & forth on the area called
DJose Highroad & I can't seem to find the monster called>>>>> Simurgh. I've been at this for over an hour. It NEVER shows up. Its just 1 stretch of road right? It leads to DJose Temple. I know I'm on the right path. Funny tho when you warp to DJose Highroad from the ship it warps you to the Mushroom Rock Aftermath. Is the monster actually in that area & not on the Highroad? Theres only about 6 -7 monsters in the area but the one I need NEVER FREAKIN SHOWS UP!!!!!!!!
#2FallaciaPosted 1/29/2008 1:38:40 PM
Simurgh doesn't appear on the lower half of the Djose Highroad. Run around near the fork at the end of the road and you should run into them eventually.
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#3erict1628Posted 1/29/2008 2:33:40 PM
And then there's Ochu, who only appears on the Moonflow, basically, north of the fork that Fallacia mentioned.

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#4MakoEyesXPosted 1/29/2008 5:13:13 PM
i find him the most near that triangle of bright light about 3/4 of the way up the road