Easy Way to beat Defender X

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8 years ago#1
heres an easy way to beat Defender X (have Tidus out whole time). when Tidus is up have him use provoke Defender X will only attack him. Blast punch is like Demi. he will use it on Tidus the whole time it only takes away a percentage of ur health it jus keeps halfing it so u will only have to heal once on Tidus when is health is 1 have Auron us Armor Break and jus keep attacking and soon he will be beat.
8 years ago#2
Do you want a cookie...

...for posting information that has been known only since the game came out?

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8 years ago#3
so u will only have to heal once on Tidus when is health is 1

You don't have to heal at this point, as Blast Punch will deal 0 damage.

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8 years ago#4
You probably didn't read the FAQs.
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8 years ago#5

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