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Final Fantasy X - Storyline

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Spiran Timeline and Miscellaneous Info (Sticky) (Closed)
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Laughing SceneCandyStar210/7 8:03AM
WhiteFlagofWar's FFX Parody | WFoW spoof mock LoL funny humor slice gak twinkies (Archived)falconesque95/30/2014
Why does Auron climb on a tower to wave to Sin? (Archived)IceyStunGrenade110/18/2013
The machina war (Archived)szbloody68/1/2013
How long the Calm lasts (Archived)Polarcrest104/28/2013
'Movies' of FFX on YouTube Don't Ruin the Game (Archived)Persephone4212/17/2013
is yuna virgin? (Archived)ilsunshangxiang19/26/2012
dis story mak me cry (Archived)foolm0r0n48/11/2012
I have a serious misunderstanding of Tidus. Huge spoilers. (Archived)repatriate12/25/2012
Did We Ever Figure Out Those Baneblade Symbols? (Archived)battourye21/21/2012
Which character contributes the least to the story (spoilers) (Archived)crazyisgood310/6/2011
remove from my favorite boards (Archived)crazyisgood210/1/2011
remember this topic? (Archived)ilsunshangxiang27/18/2011
Do I know too much of the story that I wouldn't learn anything new? (SPOILERS) (Archived)luigi450027/17/2011
Who is a more skilled swordsman (Archived)crazyisgood27/7/2011
Who is your all-time favorite character? (Archived)crazyisgood27/1/2011
can you come up with a story for a game? (Archived)crazyisgood27/1/2011
Tidus question (Spoilers) (Archived)crazyisgood26/26/2011
can you really get modded here for not putting a spoilertag? (Archived)Trigg3rH4ppy36/26/2011
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