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Dream Zanarkand *SPOILERS*

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8 years ago#1
Sorry but I am slightly confused on this Dream Zanarkand issue, I must have forgotten if it was mentioned in the game, so could anyone please clear this up for me? Thanks
Tales of Vesperia: A pure masterpiece
8 years ago#2
DZ is not mentioned by DZ in the game, it's the place where you first meet up with Tidus and Auron. It's the Zanarkand that Yu Yevon has summoned for a thousand years. It's referred here as DZ to differentiate it from the real Zanarkand, which is in ruins. I haven't played in quite a while, so I don't remember if "DZ" was actually mentioned by another name in game.
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8 years ago#3
"Dream Zanarkand" is never actually said in the game, but everyone refers to it as a dream, so there's no reason not to call it that.
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8 years ago#4
In short, Zanarkand was destroyed 1000 years ago.
Tidus is from Zanarkand.
There is no time travel in Final Fantasy X. (Though we're mislead to believe otherwise for 90% of the game!)

Zanarkand was destroyed 1000 years ago in the war with Bevelle. Zanarkand's leader, Yevon, took the survivors to Mt. Gagazet and turned them into Fayth, perpetually dreaming of their lost home. He then summoned a magical replica of Zanarkand based on their dreams, hiding it somewhere in Spira. Tidus is from that magical replica of Zanarkand, made of pyreflies instead of flesh. Said replica continued to exist for 1000 years, unchanging, until the present when Jecht was swimming far out at sea and got swept away by Sin and made it to Spira proper.

Tidus is not a dream. He's a magical creation, just as an Aeon is, based off of the dreams of the Mt. Gagazet Fayth, given form by Yevon's summoning and manipulation of pyreflies. He has memories and dreams, just that he only exists as long as Yu Yevon continues to focus on summoning his replica of Zanarkand.

The game gives all the clues you need to figure this out, but you have to talk to a bunch of NPCs and understand the game's cosmology to put it all together.
8 years ago#5
SO at the very end of the game is he sent back to the Zanarkand Yu Yevon has made? So at the beginning of the game Sin brought Tidus to Spira proper?
Tales of Vesperia: A pure masterpiece
8 years ago#6
At the end of the game, Tidus dies because Yu Yevon has been killed and thus can't summon the Dream Zanarkand into existence anymore. He only exists as long as Yevon concentrates on bringing the dream of Zanarkand to life. Killing Yevon is the only way to ensure that Sin doesn't return, but it means that Tidus ceases to be.

And yes, at the beginning of the game, Jecht/Sin came to the copy of Zanarkand and took Tidus to Spira proper.
8 years ago#7 why is this the only way to kill Sin? And why was Tidus taken to the real-day Spira?
Sorry these are dumb questions but I haven't really paid attention to the story until now, when I notice just how interesting it is :)
Tales of Vesperia: A pure masterpiece
8 years ago#8
If you kill Sin with an Aeon, Yevon possesses the Aeon that did the job and turns it into a new Sin. That process takes some time, which is called the Calm, for during that time Sin isn't running around killing people. The average person doesn't know that Yevon does this, they've been lead to believe that Yevon is God and that he brings Sin down as punishment for the use of Machina a millennia ago.

Actually, Yevon's daughter, Yunalesca, created the Yevon Church and started the idea that Summoners will go on pilgrimages, and be granted Final Aeons by her, so that they can "kill" Sin temporarily, so that collectively Spira has some hope and doesn't just commit mass suicide from despair. But, the Yevon church bans Machina (for the most part) because Yunalesca knows that it's a way to defeat Sin that won't allow him to come back, and thus kill her father permanently. (Also because Machina weapons from Bevelle defeated Zanarkand's summoners in the war. There's some residual anger there.)

In short, if you destroy Sin, Yevon will make a new one. So to beat Sin forever, you have to kill Yevon so he can't do that anymore. But if you kill Yevon, he won't be able to concentrate on his copy of Zanarkand, and thus Tidus, Jecht, and everyone else will cease to be.

As for why Tidus was taken to the actual Spira, it seems that Jecht/Sin wanted Tidus to kill him. So he came to the Copy Zanarkand (and kinda went into automatic "DESTROY CITIES!" mode) to get his son and drag him away from the copy Zanarakand so that he could put his old man out of his misery.
8 years ago#9
OH okay...that makes a lot more sense
But why does Yevon want Sin to keep coming and destroy the world? Whats the point? And he knows that another summoner is going to come and destroy Sin again, why doesn't he just stop...or kill the world if thats what he wants? Which can't be because like you said the Calm is also there for collective hope so people don't commit mass suicide.
You are helping me so much though thank you :D
Tales of Vesperia: A pure masterpiece
8 years ago#10
Sin only exists to protect Yu Yevon and DZ. It attacks civilizations when they get too advanced so that they can't build ships that can get to DZ in any reasonable amount of time.
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