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Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children

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StickyRead this before posting for all story and DVD/UMD questions (Spoilers aplenty) (Sticky)
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Ryu_Kaze10810/1 9:15AM
Remembering Kainstrife66 (Archived)UnseenRebels13/8 8:25PM
I miss everyone from way back in the day... (Archived)Citrik92/1 11:41AM
Advent Children the movie - anyone still watch it? (Archived)WizardofHoth410/22/2013
This board had quite a history... (Archived)No_one_special32/9/2013
so are they ever gonna make a prequel? (Archived)ExChief45/18/2012
How did people feel about the treatment of Reno & Rude (Spoilers) (Archived)crazyisgood102/28/2012
My favourite part of this game was the part where Cloud (spoilers) (Archived)
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Why the f*** didn't they add Cait Sith's giant stuffed toy moogle in Complete??? (Archived)sLaCkEr408___RJ28/22/2011
Can't believe Cloud didn't win an Emmy for this (Archived)TomorrowDog52/20/2011
So, is this a game? (Archived)ExChief51/30/2011
The Destruction of TCoO... (Archived)TarungaLeela69/5/2010
Did any else... (Archived)lokihwf17/7/2010
Does anyone else think that... *SPOILERS* (Archived)Acrusis55/5/2010
They left out Elymra (Archived)PLAYS MANY GAMES34/16/2010
Us DVD owners got seriously ripped off... (Archived)DarkECOJak23/23/2010
Wait... Is Advent Children a game? (Archived)Master_Arbiter452/3/2010
Is Advent Children on Youtube? (Archived)
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Question for Blu-ray Owners (Archived)RichPlaystation51/6/2010
Playstation store? (Archived)Shadow Flare112/6/2009
I just read that topic about Cloud being able to fly. (Archived)
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