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Anyone still watching FF7AC now =)?
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I watched it the other day. :D

It's crazy to think about me posting in this thread 3 years ago. Hmm... I wonder if I'll be around to post again in 3 more years. I hope the world isn't in chaos by then. *hides under blanket*
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From: Raichu29125 | #101
Anyone still watching FF7AC now =)?

I just did the Blue-Ray version yesterday.

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Was not a fan of this.
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Had the urge to rewatch this last weekend, but didn't.

More details forthcoming.
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AC was decent.
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Wow, it's strange, I've NEVER noticed that there was a sub-board for the AC movie... Wonder if any other games has that? I know about social boards, and how Pokémon has Battle/Trading borads, but that's at least parts of the game. This... is something new to me altogether.
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Several UMD boards, all with this same sticky topic. It was a PSP thing. FFVII-AC also has a split board off of the FFVII main board.
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