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just hoping that someone will answer this question, but is it true that sephiroth was only at 1/3 of his power in ac
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Dunno, for me that's debatable.. he certainly wasn't at full power, whether that would be by choice or not I don't know.. someone will probably give you a much better answer than this, just throwing in my loose change.

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As far as I know, SE hasn't confirmed what "power level" Sephiroth was at, so it's open to debate (and it has been debated quite a bit in the
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Thanks Ryu, really helpful stuff!
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I loved this movie!!!
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I've been wondering this for a while. What is the relationship between Could and Tifa in this movie?

I know they adopted Denzel.
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Bump! .......oh, wait. :P

A month later and nothing? Hehe. Oh well. ^_^
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Thanks for the info :)
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They have sex but he imagines aeris, even though she's dead. I don't blame him though. He used to like tifa cause of her jugs but they're gone in ac so now he has a crush on aeris who somehow managed to get implants in the afterlife.