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This board had quite a history...

#1No_one_specialPosted 2/9/2013 2:43:11 AM
A pity that it had to die down, though.
#2falconesquePosted 2/9/2013 10:46:49 AM
Everything dies. Not much can prevent it. Raise a frosty mug in remembrance.

The trick is finding a new interest.

Frankly, more than a year has passed since I've had the heart to rewatch FFVII:AC. Repetition in this case made the heart grown less fond.

In my book (and FWIW naturally), SE needs better, more critical editors who don't let their technical wizards think themselves too godlike. Most of the rehash isn't so cohesive when it reaches outside their little clubhouse.
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#3No_one_special(Topic Creator)Posted 2/9/2013 6:49:51 PM
Still, I miss the old days with TCoO, Leela, the 7 Heaven bar, and all of that.

Jax was hilarious.