So tell me about your lives lately.

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2 years ago#1
Or in general.

I babysit most school days now for my brother.
My brother is getting married and I'm going to be the best man.
We're all going on a disney cruise to alaska in june even though we have little money.
My uncle is dying horribly from cancer. His bones are fracturing from the inside out.
I mostly post on luelinks these days if anyone wants an invite at some point.
It snowed yesterday and my brother built Olaf.
I am on a disability pension because of my various...quirks.
I "came out" as asexual about a year ago. Much relief was had by most.
Sixty accused me of hacking my pokemon because I'm a nerd and play too much. :D
I love you guys still.
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2 years ago#2
i like this topic, i think this is an excellent topic. i would like to keep it as concise as rahea did, but i don't think i'm good at that because i'm feeling too narcissistic this morning.

i'm still in grad school for computer science. i'm supposed to be spending a lot of my days figuring out ways to take a bunch of text and have a computer figure out which things are "coreferent", i.e. which textual spans are referring to the same thing in the text. but really i spend too much time doing homework and not feeling like i'm making any progress. sighs.

i'm living alone in a studio in seattle that feels too big compared to everywhere else i have ever lived in my life. well, alone isn't accurate -- i have a kitty named haku who is a giant 15 lb fluffball. he is around five years old and i adopted him about three weeks ago and he is a wonderful cuddler.

i've been getting back into ~gaming~ lately. i haven't played pokemon since beating the elite four, but i beat TWEWY again and got animal crossing (although i haven't been as attentive to it as i would like to be) and phoenix wright (which i also need to play more). i have a friend who played fire emblem awakening and is now playing the new 3ds zelda and both of them looked really fun and i want to play them GUH. oh, and i played the bravely default demo for like four hours on sunday morning and THAT JOB SYSTEM OMG now i want that game too and also friends who play it :(

my 14yo sister is growing into a really great person. i love her lots and i think she might come to visit me in seattle this summer? alone?? that will be super neat if my parents let her do that.

i'm on fb chat and gchat a lot nowadays, although sometimes i don't respond when people initiate conversations if i happen to be fake-there (usually my phone reporting i'm online) or if i'm really busy with work. i also use snapchat a lot, so if anybody here has that and would like to see picture of my cat and/or face, my handle on there is gh0stb00b. oh yeah, i also tweet a lot, @thricedotted if any of y'alls do that at all.

i also love all you folx <3
2 years ago#3
I encourage long rambly posts and such. Your post was everything I wanted and more. Can't type much right this minute, but here's some!

One of my cats, Smiley, was adopted at age 12. Best cats are adopted as adults. :3 She's 17 now.
Being an older sibling is hard but freaking awesome when the younger ones get growing up and fun. My bro is a better adult than me for sure. His step-kids call me Auntie Steph the kidult. I need to babysit shortly.
Steph from Nocturne - 0061-0181-6663
I am sloth. Hear me snore. ~ I am shtill in shock?
2 years ago#4
I still work at the Publix Bakery

I still don't drive because I know I'm too nervous and don't want to endanger myself or others
Still live at home with my mom and sister, but it's good. Mom continues to threaten to kick us out but then yells at us if we're out of the house too long. *shrug* We pay our share of the bills, me getting the electric bill, my sister paying the verizon bill, that other dude paying the water bill and mom with the mortgage. Teamwork.

I'm mostly on WoW these days talking to my WoW friends in vent and in-game. Thank god for cross-realm because now I can play with my friends without having to be on their servers, except I can't do current tier raiding cross server unless it's a flex raid or older raid. I don't really socialize with my guild that much outside of raiding, but I also don't have to talk in vent and don't get much responsibilities so it's laid back.

My sister sort of have an unspoken agreement. I pay for things for her 'cause her job pays just enough for her bills to get paid, and she drives me around when I need to go somewhere.

My birthday present to myself was this awesome computer desk from Ikea.

I still have Jolly and Tera, but they're getting so old. My sister adopted a Chiweenie we named Gidgi, we have a ferret named Ruby, and we obtained a kitten that sprouted in our garden and named her Chloe. She's a crazy calico and she likes to play fetch.

My main goal is to get back into drawing, and while I don't have the polished technical skills, or the creative drive that I used to have, there's still something yet to be salvaged.

I also want to write more. I've had that one story I've been "working" on for years. Many changes have been made. But years of living on the internet has made me afraid of critics and reviewers and people that analyze the crap out of things and tear it apart. So I fear I don't have the heart to ever make a career out of my art and writing, or ever make it public if I ever do finish.

The stupidest thing I've done so far this year was buy a $199 Razer Tiamat and $424 tickets to a Katy Perry concert. My friends kept telling me not to waste the money and a Tiamat and I didn't listen, so now I've been having uneven sound and mic issues because the 7.1 doesn't really work right for some reason and I can't get it to. And instead of sending it back, I ordered another Megalodon. I like spares, but I feel the Megalodon is better quality for the buck. I should've listened. And I don't much care for Katy Perry myself, but my sister REALLY wants to go see her, but she was too late in buying decent tickets. And since she always comes with me to my Muse, Nightwish and Kamelot concerts, I suppose I could do her this one thing and get her good seats. Now, if I don't have to go with her, that would be awesome, though Tegan and Sara is opening, but I haven't really heard them beyond what they sang on that Tiesto album. If it makes someone feel happy, I'm happy.

My friend wanted to share the pinnacle of video gaming:
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...
2 years ago#5
I'm living in an apartment. I don't really enjoy it, as my roommate has a girlfriend with a child, and they're always over. The apartment's small enough so that I never feel like I truly have any privacy, and they don't do so well at taking care of that kid. Also this place costs so much. I'm moving out in the spring/summer, back to my friend's house, who I think might've been adopted by my parents. So my adopted brother's house. My rent will drop by about $450 a month. And the internet will be about 10x faster. yey.

I work with a bunch of jerks, but I'm not sure how to articulate that at the moment.
2 years ago#6
Penny - I always love the cookies. :D I'm glad you're trying to get backinto your creative stuff. I also pay what bills I can... I'm glad you seem to get along with your sister better now? You're way too sweet. If I had a half decent computer I might get into WoW. But I am poor and on a realllly bad laptop. I saw they're fixing up the character models and stuff~

Stank - ... That sounds much better, yes. Hope that works out, I really do.

I still live with my mom and dad! I pay around 1/3 of the bills~
Steph from Nocturne - 0061-0181-6663
I am sloth. Hear me snore. ~ I am shtill in shock?
2 years ago#7
I got a promotion to Restaurant Manager at work, so now I'm big ballin' with a (small) salary. I've been with the company for 5 years this fall, so I do get 2 weeks of PTO now as a manager that I wouldn't have gotten as an hourly(would've been 6 days instead of 14).

I'm back in school at the local community college, working on doing all the Gen Ed stuff and getting my grades up so I can transfer to UT or Texas Tech for an Engineering major. I'm basically a new freshman as far as previously completed credits go so I've got several years before I'm ready, during which time I'm trying to save up enough to pay living expenses entirely for the rest of my college time. That way I only have to take loans for books and tuition, which should cost me from 15-30k depending on what school I end up at. WAY better than most people's 80-150k.

So far between just 2 classes and 50 hours a week of work my life balance is pretty much the same, meaning I don't really go out much and play plenty of video games and watch Netflix and am always tired and fatigued and my feet hurt but aren't actually damaged or anything. Maybe some long term deep tissue/nerve stuff I'll discover when I'm 40.

Edit: Also I'm planning a trip to Iceland with some friends mid-May. So excited! Lots of gorgeous outdoors there, volcanoes, glaciers, so many waterfalls and hot springs, Reykjavik's nightlife and architecture, the northern lights, VOLCANIC CAVE SPELUNKING HELLS YEA.
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2 years ago#8
Love the accompanied pictures Penny. Nice touch. Not spending money on worthless crap is hard, so I feel ya there.

And yay Stank for maybe finally moving out of a toxic living environment!
Smack a baby in the morning, smack a baby in the light, smack a baby in the evening if you're looking for a fight. - Smackababy by mc chris
2 years ago#9
And yay Steph for owning who you are! Sounds like your brother's doing better if he's getting married, hopefully, which is good. Has he been clean?
Smack a baby in the morning, smack a baby in the light, smack a baby in the evening if you're looking for a fight. - Smackababy by mc chris
2 years ago#10
How bad is your laptop? WoW has free trials that let you play up to level 20 or so I think with some limitations. So far the minimum requirements for WoW are enough that bad computers can play it on low settings. That's gonna change of course with the next expansion and the character model revamps.

But if you ever do decide to start, let me RaF you... one mount left to get! >_>; ... plus there are leveling perks and whatnot and buddy summons up to level 60.
Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination...
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